When You Least Expect It! – Careers in Construction

When You Least Expect It! – Careers in Construction



December 07, 2017

I attended the sesquicentennial (150th) homecoming celebration of my college alma mater in Washington, D.C., at the prestigious Howard University. Washington, D.C., has been a constant destination for me as long as I am able to remember and, in many respects, a second home to me. The city’s architecture has always mesmerized me. I have spent hours gazing the maps of Pierre Charles L’Enfant’s street layout designs and remain curiously perplexed by the Masonic symbolism seemingly ingrained into every building, both historical and modern.

Each time I fly into the city a rush of adrenaline pulsates through my body and my eyes fixate on the city below. I have always relished the eager anticipation of each visit. While on the ground, I often stop and stare at buildings with no concept of elapsing time. Therefore, my natural expectation was that I marvel in a similar experience this time. However, to my immense surprise, I stumbled on to something that I least expected! People?

Yes, people! Construction Career People! In the midst of casual conversations with alumni, relatives, friends and complete strangers, the current of construction-based careers flowed into so many conversations. Their construction career titles included Project Manager, Mixed-use Property Developer, Cemetery Architect, Project Manager for university system building projects, Project Consultant for a major hotel chain, Excavation and Demolition Remediation Owner, and HVAC Estimator.

I couldn’t believe it! I was completely caught off guard. This was truly what I least expected. I met so many people who work in various areas of the construction career pipeline. How befitting to hear the stories of how they were guided into the careers in construction in the midst of Construction Career Education Month.

I realized that I had in a sense been “nose blind,” like the people in the popular room deodorizer commercials, to the variety of construction-based occupations that surrounds us every day. I also suspected that my students were not even aware of these careers because they simply don’t know anyone in these aspects of the construction industry.

So, let’s do a little something least expected. Post your construction career title in the comments below and ask a friend to do the same. Let’s fill the board with construction career possibilities for the next generation to see. They may be inspired WHEN THEY LEAST EXPECTED IT!