October is Careers in Construction Month

As Build Your Future celebrates Careers in Construction Month (CICM), it is critical for industry to help spread the message. With so many resources to promote construction, there’s a way for everyone to participate!

Proclaim October

Help spread awareness of available career opportunities both locally and nationally! Submit a proclamation in your state to proclaim October as Careers in Construction Month.

Spread the Word

Highlight the skilled men and women who build America and inspire the next generation. Download our social media guide for content ideas, images and more!

Sign the Pledge

Participate in CICM by talking to students about construction career paths. Sign the pledge, get exclusive resources, and have a chance to win big for a school of your choosing.

Enter the Competition

NCCER and Build Your Future’s I BUILT THIS! video contest gives aspiring craft professionals or their instructors an opportunity to showcase outstanding construction projects.

Proclaim October as Careers in Construction Month

Get Your State on the Map

Filing a proclamation is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Look up your state on the guide to find your governor’s website and proclamation information. Use our sample “Where-As” statements to help fill out the proclamation request.
  2. Let us know when you file your proclamation by emailing us at proclaim@nccer.org, and we’ll mark your state on our map. Be sure to tell us your name, filing organization and state.
  3. Send us a photo of your official proclamation document, so we can share it on social media.

Sign the Pledge

What are you Pledging?

We are asking our industry colleagues nationwide to make a dedicated effort to connect with students during the week of October 19 – 23, 2020. By signing the pledge, you are showing your commitment to use either virtual or in-person classroom visits to share BYF resources and help students explore careers in construction.

Together, we can spread the word about the wide range of construction career paths to success and shift the public’s perception of careers in our industry.

Pledge Benefits

Entry into $5,000 Prize Drawing

Sign the pledge and be automatically entered into drawing for one of three $5,000 scholarships to be given to the secondary construction craft training program of your choice.

Eligibility requirements apply.

Access to Exclusive Resources

  • Tips & Tricks Guide: Learn who to reach out to at a school, how to get classroom engagement and more.
  • I Pledged! image: Share on social media!
  • Pre-release of website scavenger hunt: Be the first to use this quiz.

Company Exposure and Promotion

  • Logo and website link under Pledged Companies below.
  • Recognition included on BYF e-newsletters throughout September, October and November.
  • Press release announcing winners of scholarship.