Why construction?

According to a survey released by The Associated General Contractors of America, 54% of construction firms are having a hard time filling both salaried and hourly craft positions. Besides new jobs needed, such as for rebuilding the U.S. infrastructure, the industry is also projected to see half of the workforce leave as the baby boomers retire. At the time the industry needs them most, it is losing its highly qualified, seasoned workers. 

What does this mean for veterans or transitioning military members? It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunities in the construction industry.  

Here are three reasons choose a career in construction: 


Your skills are already the perfect match for the industry. Skills acquired in the military are transferable to training programs, letting some individuals to achieve journeyman status in two years. 


Earn a salary that lets you live your best life. A salary survey by NCCER found that half of the craft professions surveyed had an average salary range of more than $60,000, and that’s not including overtime, per diem, bonuses or other incentives.


Climb the ladder as far as you want. In construction, there are no limits to career progression. The enterprising spirit of construction gives you the opportunity to go from helper or apprentice all the way to director or CEO. 

Get a head start in a career that offers lucrative wages, career advancement and more through our Hard Hat Heroes initiative. Your military training is aligned with construction training that provides FREE credentials from NCCER. With 90 alignments available, these industry-recognized credentials could help you secure an apprenticeship, earn higher wages and offer more opportunities for promotion.

How to Get Started

The Hard Hat Heroes Credentialing Portal allows veterans and transitioning military members to submit their military operational specialty codes and receive free industry-recognized credentials. Over 90 alignments, including rank-based, are offered for Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy. 

Get Started

Begin your training today with NCCER’s FREE online Core, a prerequisite any other craft curriculum. NCCER has partnered with Pearson to provide $1 million worth of complimentary online core codes to service members and veterans. This will prepare you for safety on the job site and give you an introduction to the industry.  

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NextOp helps bridge the gap between veterans in need of work and industries that desperately need the skills veterans have to offer. NextOp recruits and places currently transitioning military professionals and veterans into meaningful careers where your experience are fully utilized.

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Military Friendly Employers

Military Friendly Employers demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting veterans seeking construction-related careers. The employers listed below have provided links to their open positions and are requesting skilled veterans to apply.  

Click the logos to explore career postings, training opportunities and company contact information.