Why Construction?

Skilled craft professionals are always in demand, and employers need them now more than ever. With endless possibilities, opportunities for career advancement and lucrative positions available, there has never been a better time to start a career in construction.

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With various activities and an Intro to Construction Careers lesson plan, help students explore various career paths.

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From classroom videos to a website scavenger hunt, BYF arms you with resources to teach your students about careers in construction.

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Help students step into a career in construction using tips, strategies and resources for every level.

Check out the demand for different construction careers in your state and share the opportunities available.

Use this interactive career path to help students see all the routes a career in construction can take. 

From technical training to college degrees, check out the different scholarships we have available.

The annual I BUILT THIS! video contest encourages students to showcase their projects and promotes craft skills.

Shop trading cards, brochures, posters and more for resources to hand out to students or families.

A free career exploration tool designed to create connections to the construction industry.

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Whether they are leading the industry or building their careers from the ground up, hear from those who thrive in construction.


Careers In Construction

Careers in Construction Month

Careers in Construction Month (CICM) is a campaign held every October to increase public awareness, inspire the next generation of craft professionals and make an impact on the perceptions of a career in construction.

With many resources and ways to promote construction, there’s a way for everyone to participate!