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America needs certified craft professionals with technical skills who can keep it growing. Finding a career in construction is a life-changing decision to fulfill important roles in building communities. BYF helps in discovering how construction can be a good fit for your future — from making the right preparations to finding training.

Construction Career Match

What's Your Trade?

The construction industry is full of opportunity with an extensive range of trades to work in. Want to find out which construction craft career would be perfect for you? Take the craft pro quiz!


Architects design new buildings and create the plans used to construct them.

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Carpenters build frameworks and structures by cutting and shaping wood and other construction materials.

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Concrete Finisher

Concrete finishers build foundations, floors, walls, roads and other structures that are made using concrete.

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Electricians install and maintain the electrical and power systems in new and existing structures.

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Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment operators control large machinery that move materials at a construction site.

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HVAC Technician

HVAC Technicians install and maintain the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that maintain temperature and air quality.

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Masons use bricks, blocks and stones to construct walls, structural supports and even decorative surfaces.

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Plumbers install and maintain the pipes and valves that make up a building's water and drainage systems.

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Project Manager

Project managers are construction site leaders who plan, coordinate, budget and supervise projects from development to completion.

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Welders fuse materials and objects together by applying heat or pressure.

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Success Stories

Make a Living Out of a Career that Builds Futures

“I was able to contribute to the building of a power plant that’s going to provide energy for thousands and thousands of people.”

—Temika Gibson, Electrician

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Whether you’re a student exploring future options, an industry professional looking to recruit workers or an educator helping students navigate a career path, we have the resources you need.

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