December 31, 2019
 | Students

10 Reasons to Appreciate Construction Every Day

Construction professionals build the world around us. The create everything from our homes and office buildings to shopping malls and roadways. They construct and maintain our access to running water and electricity. They build our furniture, create décor and renovate our homes.

But even though their work surrounds us, we barely even notice it is there. While we interact with the fruits of construction every day, we rarely take time to consider the skills and knowledge that went into it.

Because these skilled craft professionals work behind the scenes, constructing our world, they are often overlooked and underappreciated. It’s time to take a look at the role these professionals play in our lives and appreciate what they do for everyone.

Here are just 10 of the reasons to appreciate the construction industry and its workers every day.

1. Providing places to live

Craft professionals are responsible for constructing most homes across the country. From carpenters building the frames to masons pouring the concrete and electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians making them modern homes.

Every day, people wake up in a home that dozens of craft professionals had a hand in creating. It is important to remember the skill, expertise and hard work that went into creating the spaces that we inhabit. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we have benefitted from and had direct contact with the construction industry.

2. Plumbing and running water

When we turn our faucets on, run the shower, do a load of laundry or flush the toilet – it’s normal to just expect it to work. And for the most part, it does. Without thinking, we are using a complicated system that has been created and maintained by plumbers. Not only do they make sure homes have access to water, plumbers are always on call to fix problems as they arise.

3. Hospitals, schools and retirement homes

Without skilled craft professionals, there would be a deficit of critical buildings that are necessary for modern society. Hospitals, which require efficient electrical wiring and room for patients, are built and created by craft professionals. Schools, which house millions of children across the country, and retirement homes, which house the elderly and important machinery, are all created by craft professionals.

Without them, there would be no one to build and maintain these important structures.

4. Roads and bridges used for travel

When traveling by car, bus or even bicycle, you are using a complex road system that was designed by civil engineers, executed by construction teams and built by craft professionals. These roadways and bridges allow people to travel, goods to be moved and promote the development of underrepresented areas.

5. Front lines of relief efforts

When natural disasters hit, there is often severe damage to roads, buildings, phone lines and electrical ports. As soon as it is safe to send relief, construction workers are among the first to answer the call to help those who have been affected.

These workers are putting themselves in precarious positions as they fight to minimize the effects of these natural disasters. Working to repair homes, buildings, shelters and restoring power to neighborhoods is just some of the responsibilities of construction relief efforts.

6.Air conditioning

A world without air conditioning or heat is a scary world indeed. Luckily, most modern homes, apartments and buildings come equipped with working AC and heat. Thanks to HVAC and sheet metal workers, people can enjoy comfortable temperatures indoors, regardless of what the weather is like.

Without these amenities, extremely warm regions, cold regions, desert and tundra areas would uninhabitable by humans. Luckily, with craft professionals, people can enjoy the comforts of regulated air temperature.

7. Power and light

Like AC, electricity is something that is often taken for granted. Without electricians, homes would not have light, refrigerators, televisions, coffee makers and so much more. People rely on electricity every single day to function.

8. Cell phone service

In 2019, phones play a huge role in modern society. People rely on Wifi or phone service to navigate from place to place, call or text people and contact their work or schools. It is hard to imagine a world where cell phones are obsolete!

It is important to remember that without cell phone service – phones are useless. Power line workers ensure that electricity continues to flow between regions to ensure there is electricity, internet access and telephone communication flowing.

9. Helping people go green

As the world continues to go green, the construction industry is helping them do it. With career specialties like solar panel installer and wind turbine technician, the construction industry is actively working to generate power in a cleaner, more sustainable way. By offering craft careers in these key specialties, we can expect an increase of workers in this role and an increase in the prevalence of solar panels and wind turbines. This, in turn, helps the world turn greener.

10. Professionals spend years perfecting their craft

Every time a craft professional fixes a leak, an AC unit or the electrical wiring in your home – they are applying years of expertise to help you. For individuals to become fully trained as a craft professional, they must go through eight to 12 years of training. These years spent perfecting their craft are used to ensure that they can complete their job with efficiency and skill.


I challenge you to think about your day so far. How many times have you enjoyed something that a craft professional built? Who made your house? How often do you use electricity? Did you drive on a road?

We have so much to thank the construction industry and its workers for. They are building the world around us; do you want to join them? Browse our construction craft pages and see which career speaks to you.