July 5, 2022
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3 Reasons to Work in Construction Safety

Have you ever thought about working in construction safety or wondered what safety professionals do?

Construction site safety technicians oversee protective safety procedures, inspections and training for construction projects. Safety technicians are a valuable asset to any job site. They must have an attentive eye and excellent communication skills.

With skilled trades careers having a high job satisfaction rating, a career as a construction site safety technician is a great option for people who are detail-orientated and looking for exciting opportunities to lead.

Here are three of the top reasons to work in construction safety.

Great Pay

Construction is one of the U.S. economy’s largest and most important sectors. With the entire industry valued at more than $1.36 trillion, there is a lot of money in construction.

Craft skills are unique and high in demand, meaning wages can be particularly good in the construction industry. Construction site safety technicians have an average base salary of $70,986, or about $34.13/hour.

On top of these strong base salaries, additional incentives for travel and overtime can increase take-home pay, in some cases to six figures.

Chance to Lead a Team

When searching for a career, leading a team of passionate individuals is a desire for many. Construction site safety technicians have the opportunity to lead and train a team on the basics of construction safety and inspections.

While leading their team, construction site safety technicians use various communication skills such as listening, stress management, respect and open-mindedness.

If you feel fulfilled when leading a team and helping everyone get home safe and healthy, then a career in construction safety may be the opportunity for you!

Opportunities for Advancement

Construction is a merit-based industry, so safety technicians who prove their skill and value in the field can earn opportunities to advance their careers to more prominent positions.

Adding to this opportunity is the status of the aging workforce. The median age of a skilled craft professional is 43, which is higher than most industries. This number has been growing because most of the construction workforce is nearing retirement age, and fewer young people have joined the sector behind them.

As the seasoned veterans of the construction industry retire or change roles, the leadership positions they are leaving will become available. Essential jobs like foreman, site superintendent or project manager will need someone to step up and fill those boots.

Learn More About Construction Safety

For these reasons and more, construction safety is a great career field to pursue.

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