Classroom Materials

Help Students Explore Careers In Construction

Construction can be a path to success for many young people. Craft professionals have the chance to earn high pay and skills, without a lot of debt.

Research shows that 53% of the construction industry will retire by 2036. With the industry already struggling to fill critical skilled positions, now is an excellent time to introduce construction as an option.

Our mission is to equip you to help students explore careers in construction.

Download these free career exploration activities, suitable for students in middle and high school.


The pre-packaged lesson plan includes:

  • Discussion Questions
  • Classroom Video
  • Classroom Video Activity
  • Kahoot! Interactive Quiz
  • Which Craft Pro Are You? Activity

Classroom Resources:

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Craft Pro Personality Quiz

Intro to Construction Careers Classroom Video

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Intro to Construction Careers Kahoot! Game

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Intro to Construction Careers Video Activity

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