March 29, 2022
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BYF Industry Resources and How To Use Them

At Build Your Future, we aim to be the catalyst for recruiting the next generation of craft professionals.

As part of that mission, we work to provide a number of helpful resources to companies, associations, recruiters and other representatives of the construction industry. Careers in construction are desirable, attractive and fulfilling, but it will take a team effort to showcase the opportunities to today’s students.

Here are some of the high-quality resources and materials we offer for construction recruitment.

The Build Your Future website,, is the one-stop hub for career exploration tools, recruiting guidance and other useful resources. Here are some of the great features on our website.

Construction Careers Pages – On our Construction Careers pages, we highlight more than 35 unique crafts and specialties in construction. Each career page shares an overview of the profession, the average base salary, relevant skills and more. These pages are a great exploration tool to provide to students and parents to help them learn more about the variety of opportunities in the industry.

Craft Pro Personality Quiz – How does someone’s interests and skills line up with a construction career? With BYF’s Craft Pro Quiz, finding a perfect career match is just a few questions away. Share this quiz with students or job seekers who want to narrow down their options and focus on a career that fits who they are.

Interactive Career Path – A career in construction can follow many paths, but they all can lead to success. Our interactive Career Path shows interested recruits some of the different directions their education and professional career can take in this unique industry.

Demand Map – There’s a high demand for skills in construction, and having an idea of where the demand is highest for what craft can be helpful for students and trainees planning their careers. Our Demand Map gives a great overview of the needs of the industry.

Discover More Blog – Our Discover More Blog features articles on a variety of construction topics for different audiences. For example, our Industry blog posts feature tips and guidance for recruiting and perception-building, while our Student blog posts are aimed at young people exploring these careers for the first time. Easy-to-read but still packed with good information, our blogs are a perfect way to learn about something new in construction.

Free Downloads – From helpful guides and best practice documents to student activities and Zoom backgrounds, we offer a number of complimentary resources via our Free Downloads page.



CareerStarter is a new construction career tool to help you build a talent pipeline of entry-level workers.

With this tool, you can streamline the recruitment process which will save you time and money. You can promote your company by creating a unique company profile that helps you tell your story and stand out. Employers also have the ability to post an unlimited number of entry-level jobs free of charge. Candidates are connected seamlessly with job postings that match their skills.

CareerStarter is rolling out now, launching first in North Carolina and Texas. Click here to get started or fill out this form to stay posted on where this tool is headed next.


Marketing and Recruitment Materials

Along with our free digital resources, Build Your Future offers a number of physical materials available for purchase in our BYF Shop.

BYF Trading Cards – Like Pokémon or baseball cards, each of our craft trading cards (get it… trade?) features pictures and information about a career in construction, like carpenter or mason. These are a fun and unique way to share information with students and have long been one of our most popular items! Buy as a variety pack or split by career.

BYF Posters – Need to decorate a workshop or an office? We have a number of poster packs available for purchase, including our Dare to Build poster series.

BYF Merch and Swag – These items are a must for any career day or recruitment fair table! From T-shirts and fanny packs to stress relievers and sunglasses, these trinkets and giveaways will draw attention and show attendees how to learn more about construction.

BYF Toolkits – Want a bit of everything listed above and more? Our classroom toolkit bundles provide materials for 30 students, perfect for school visits. Choose from our high school and middle school packs to get the collateral meant for your audience.


Build Your Future is always developing new resources to help the construction industry recruit the future of the skilled trades. For the latest updates and content, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!