October 22, 2019
 | Students

Connecting Imagination and Construction

When you think of the terms, “imagination” and “construction,” do you see them as being homologous?

Take a moment to reflect – when you were a child, can you remember using building blocks to create towers, sand to make masterpiece castles or even using your hands to mold shapes out of Play-Doh? As children we are encouraged to use our imagination, and these small creations provided opportunities to try new ideas, new ways of thinking and new methods of problem-solving.

This is construction.

Imagination is behind every breakthrough material and structure that changes the industry of construction. For example, take Walt Disney World. The professionals behind the World of Avatar – Pandora, a themed area located within Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, showcase how construction can defy gravity and mesmerize audiences.

From theme park attractions to skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building, each of these designs sought to give life to original, imaginative and artistic ideas.

In an industry characterized by its complex operations, creativity and imagination are just as fundamental to these projects as anything else.

According to an article on Medium, there are many benefits to being creative. Here are three of the nine listed:

  1. Freedom
  2. Being able to create something special for people
  3. Becoming a better problem solver

All three of these listed benefits can be directly related to construction. The construction industry offers a variety of paths giving craft professionals an endless sense of independence to explore their wants/needs in a career. Additionally, the industry helps build America, meaning the future of construction has new technology, new projects and new ways for individuals to create something that will leave a legacy.

So what are some construction crafts that offer opportunities to express imagination?


Did you ever play with wooden blocks or LEGO bricks growing up? Did you enjoy hunting for just the right piece or shape to create the structure from your mind’s eye? Then a career in masonry might be a good choice for you.

Masons use bricks, concrete blocks and natural stones to build attractive, durable surfaces and structures. While bricks and stones provide a strong and sturdy material for homes, offices, schools and other buildings, they also open doors to the imagination.

Kelby Thornton, who represented the United States in the 2019 WorldSkills competition, uses cuts and places bricks to create decorative designs and one day wants to own his own custom masonry business. The designs you can create with such an interesting medium are only limited by your own creativity.


A career path for a painter ranges from industrial spray painters who apply coating to prevent deterioration to decorative artisans who create faux finishes. If you have an eye for different colors, textures and tones, then this could be a career path for you.

In 2017, Architectural Digest showcased 13 of the most colorful buildings around the world. These structures are a prime example of how the job of a painter can work with other craft professionals to create visual and structural works of art.

There is more to a building than the design and using the color wheel as a tool gives the construction industry a chance to make a statement through vibrant colors and unique touches.


If you’ve ever found yourself fascinated by structural shapes, unique concepts or decorative buildings, there was probably an architect behind that design. The Space Needle, Sydney Opera House and other incredibly famous buildings conceived by professionals, started with like-minded individuals interested in pursuing a career that would allow them to utilize their creativity.

A building’s appearance and the details of its construction highlight the level of freedom within this craft profession. Architects see the world in a specific way and share an appreciation for buildings and landscapes. This craft profession is challenging and exciting, but ultimately opens a door for creativity to manifest itself in your work, which is extremely rewarding.


Carpenters measure cut and shape wood, plastic, fiberglass and drywall for different kinds of construction projects. This craft profession ranges from building highways and bridges to power plants and more.

One of the best parts to this craft profession is the freedom to choose from a variety of jobs. Yes, you have the independence to work in commercial, industrial or residential construction! Compared to other crafts, carpenters have a great number of opportunities available to them which means the industry asking you to use your creative skillset is secure.

Imagination is endless.

The construction industry offers a variety of career paths that allow you to express your creativity. Take a quiz and see which craft profession best fits your interests and discover more about the construction industry today.