March 14, 2023
 | Students

How To Become a Concrete Finisher

Are you wondering how to become a concrete finisher? 

Concrete finishers spread and level freshly poured concrete by using a variety of specialty tools. They create smooth finishes for floors, walls, roads, pavements and other structures with concrete.  

So how can you get started on the path to becoming a concrete finisher? Check out these steps for insight into the journey. 


The first step to finding your dream job is to do research. You might be interested in working with concrete and other construction materials, but it’s important to learn more about this career and make sure it’s a good fit for you. 

Some things to take into consideration include average wages and benefits, job demand, required skills, education requirements and work environment. 

Concrete finishers on average make $58,046 per year. This equates to $27.91/hour. These numbers do not include overtime, per diem or other incentives that can increase earnings and benefits.  

Here are some ways to research careers in concrete finishing: 


If you’re ready and excited to start the next part of your journey, it’s time to get some training! 

Working as a concrete finisher does not require a bachelor’s degree from a university, but there is still a lot of education involved to ensure craft professionals can do work correctly and safely. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to get training, including: 

Look for concrete finishing training options near you and get signed up today!  


As you go through your training, you will have the opportunity to earn different credentials and certifications. 

These credentials are a representation of the skills and knowledge you have acquired. Much like a four-year degree, employers can look at your credentials and how you earned them and understand what you know. 

Having the right credentials can make you a more attractive employee and can even help you make more money. 


After completing your training, you can become a professional concrete finisher! 

Becoming a full professional isn’t the end of the line, though. It’s important to keep working hard and learning new things for your career. As you prove yourself, you may have the chance to advance to higher positions on your team, or even start your own company. 

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