December 6, 2022
 | Industry

How to Use BYF’s Pipeline Tool to Build Your Workforce

Construction industries are facing a shortage of both labor and skills. Companies are having a difficult time filling their open positions, with a potential shortage of 1.9 million craft professionals through 2025.

Build Your Future (BYF) aims to be the catalyst for recruiting the next generation of craft professionals by shaping positive perceptions about careers in the construction industry and providing multiple career paths to success within construction.

To equip industry with the resources needed to effectively reach students, BYF launched CareerStarter. CareerStarter serves as a tool to cultivate talent for the future with the goal of revolutionizing the construction and maintenance workforce. This program provides direct connections between entry-level job seekers and employers. Below are tips on how to utilize CareerStarter to continue building your organization’s workforce.


Creating a profile for your company is quick and simple on CareerStarter. Start by signing up and filling in the required information about your company. The BYF Pipeline Tool allows you to lower your hiring costs by connecting with entry-level, regionally relevant workers – and the best part is it’s completely free!


CareerStarter allows you to post as many job opportunities as you’d like, at no cost to your organization. Simply include comprehensive company information within the job posting and get immediate candidate matches. Qualified entry-level candidates will automatically be matched to each job posting.


Once candidates are matched to positions, industry can easily connect with them. Contact each candidate directly on CareerStarter to move forward with next steps and manage your talent all in one place.

When considering an opportunity in construction, many are unsure of where to begin. CareerStarter’s career exploration tools help bridge the gap between curiosity and a construction career. The advantage of CareerStarter comes through bringing together all members of the career path process into one place. It is important that the construction industry has the talented and knowledgeable workforce it needs to keep America running, and BYF’s Pipeline tool is designed to help industry succeed.


Interested in building your construction workforce? Get started on your journey and sign up for CareerStarter to find talent for your company, post unlimited entry-level job listings and using the automatic candidate matching feature.