January 31, 2023
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Tech To Help Build Your Contracting Business

Technology is no longer the stuff of sci-fi. Today, we must integrate tech into all that we do if we want to be successful in our businesses. There are many different pieces of software, apps and other digital aids that can help you build your contracting business to keep up with the demands of your customers today and in the future.


Project Management Software

Project management software is a program or application that can help you stay on track with everything from your schedule to your resources. In a construction/contracting environment, your project management platform will show you what jobs are being worked on, who is on site, and how far along the work should be. As an added benefit, you will also be able to set up reminders for looming deadlines.


Invoicing Software

Invoicing software allows you to send branded invoices, payment reminders and project estimates. The right program will also allow you to accept different payment options, such as credit cards or direct bank transfers. If you’re interested in gaining access to invoicing software for contractors, make sure that you find a program that’s affordable and designed for your industry.


Digital Measurements

One of the least expensive pieces of technology that will benefit your business is a digital tape measure. While not rocket science, a digital tape measure allows you to take precise measurements without having to rely on another person. Your digital measure may also be more accurate; according to the Engineer Supply website, a quality tool can be accurate up to ⅛ of an inch up to 650 feet.


Payments and Payroll

Your invoicing software will help you get money from your customers. Likewise, payroll processing software will help you pay your employees and vendors. There are many options available, and Forbes offers inside insight into many of the most popular programs for businesses.


Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management helps you build great relationships with the people that patronize your business. It helps you keep communication centralized so that there are fewer barriers when discussing a project. If that’s not reason enough to invest in CRM, you can expect to get an $8.71 return for every one dollar you invest.


Advanced Imaging

As a construction professional and contractor, you have to be able to showcase the best of what you do. Enter advanced cameras that offer 360° imaging options. This helps you create virtual tours and lets consumers see what you’re capable of during their contractor decision-making process.


Mobile Website

Last but not least, invest in a mobile website or dedicated app that allows your customers to interact with you and your business no matter what device they may be on. The vast majority of searches these days take place in the palms of our hands, and the last thing you want is for your business information to show up in desktop format, which is the quickest way to get someone to search for another contractor. (Your site should also be optimized for desktop and tablet devices.)

Building a contracting business is no easy feat. However, through technology, such as project management in invoicing software, digital tools, and a mobile site, you can show off your best work and keep your business organized and on track for growth that keeps up with the modern consumer.


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