September 24, 2019
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Top 4 Reasons to Become a Solar Installer

Solar photovoltaic installer

Are you hoping for a future as bright as the sun?

The sun might just be the key to a great career. Why not capture that sustainable energy and become a solar photovoltaic (PV) installer?

Solar energy is viewed as an alternative power source but is quickly becoming an energy source that is at the forefront of people’s minds. In fact, the demand for solar energy has increased so much, that a recent publication from Forbes showed that the solar industry employed more people in 2016 than oil, coal and gas combined!

Becoming a solar photovoltaic installer could be the perfect fit for you. Here are four reasons why you should consider joining this craft profession.

Growth in the Solar Field is Practically Exponential

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the continued expansion and adoption of solar panel installations is expected to create new jobs until 2028. In fact, the market for solar installers is projected to increase by 63%. This is almost six times as fast as any other construction field!

Utilizing solar energy is practically an untouched market and the positive incentives to using renewable energy need to be shared with potential customers.

In 2018, only 17% of the energy generated in the U.S. was from renewable sources – and 2% was from solar. With over a 70% decrease in price to install solar, the industry is looking to attract new customers nationwide.

As more and more residential homes and major corporations take advantage of these systems, the greater the demand is for craft professionals.

It’s the Perfect Path for Low-Debt Education

Contrary to the misconceptions about construction and the skilled labor industry, becoming a craft professional takes lots of training and education. Luckily, there are numerous ways to receive this education while minimizing your costs.

Through technical or community colleges, apprenticeships or career and technical education programs, you earn skills specific to the craft career you are interested in without paying for unnecessary general education courses. That means you can focus more on becoming a solar installer and less on your student loans.

One of the best perks of working in the construction industry is getting hands-on training for a cost that is affordable.

You Will Contribute to Improving the Environment

Do you like doing work that will contribute to the greater good? Great, because solar photovoltaic installers do this every day!

Traditional energy and electricity are sourced from fossil fuels, which emit harmful gases into the air causing a negative effect on the environment. Fossil fuels are also finite resources, so prices can fluctuate and hurt buyers.  However, solar energy is renewable, becoming more cost effective and it reduces pollution!

As individuals, we want to find jobs that provide meaning to us. We are looking for ways to make a difference in society, whether it be in big or small ways. Becoming a PV installer could be your way of leaving a mark.

Man installing solar panels

As You Gain More Experience, Your Salary Will Increase

Like many of the skilled crafts of the construction industry, solar photovoltaic installers can get paid well — very well. And if you continue to enhance your skills and knowledge, your paycheck will continue to grow.

Looking at 2018, the average wage for PV installers was $42,680 and the highest 10% earned well over $63,580.

This is great money for such a rewarding career choice.

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Whether you are a fresh starter or looking for a change, there is a place for you as a solar photovoltaic installer. A part of NCCER’s energy-related curriculum, you could start earning credentials today! It is never too late to start working with renewable energy.