May 18, 2021
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We Look Different, But Our Mission is the Same

In case you haven’t noticed, Build Your Future (BYF) has gone through some changes in the past week. With a new website, new collateral and new resources to share – we have changed.

But throughout the changes, one thing will always remain the same: our mission.

Build Your Future aims to be the catalyst for recruiting the next generation of craft professionals.

Part of this mission is to equip industry with the resources to properly educate students about the opportunities in construction and provide them with career paths into the industry.

This year, the oldest members of Generation Z will turn 24. As they enter the workforce and comprise all of the students in middle and high school, it is incredibly important that we speak to them and understand what they want in a career.

Through our research of this generation and their goals, aspirations and opinions on the industry, we have made some changes to better fulfill our mission.

Woman holding welding helmet


What We Learned

The new Build Your Future was created to appeal to Generation Z and the characteristics that define them and their career goals. Those defining characteristics are:

Digital Natives

This generation is the world’s first technology natives. With this in mind, we placed an importance on mobile-friendly access to our website and up-to-date digital resources.


As the most ethnically and racially diverse generation, with a bare majority (52%) non-Hispanic white, diversity is not preferred but expected. With this, it is important to showcase the diversity that exists within construction.


Where millennials want to fit in, Gen Z wants to stand out. It’s important to show exclusivity and promote a sense of standing out by choosing a physically demanding job in construction.

Financial Security

Growing up in the recession and with the rising cost of a college education, Gen Z wants to have financial security. The financial freedom, high wages and low debt construction offers is important to convey to this new generation.


Gen Z also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, making it important to show and explain the career growth and vast opportunity available in construction.


Growing up in the age of social media and with heavy advertising, Gen Z can tell what is authentic and what is fabricated. It is incredibly important to portray authenticity in materials moving forward.


Gen Z seeks to find purpose in their work and help the communities they live in. As we shape the perception of construction, it is important to highlight craft professionals as those who build their communities and repair key infrastructures – impacting communities.


What’s changed?

With our new website, there are now specialized experiences for each of our key audiences. Whether you are a teacher, counselor, industry professional, student or family member of someone considering construction – we have pulled together all of our key resources with you in mind.

In addition to these new pages, we have reimagined our trading cards. Now found on the Construction Career page, we detail some of the many crafts available in the industry. Organized by interests and skills, students can easily find a career that speaks to them.

Also featured on the new BYF website is the Plan the Future page. Created to help counselors, educators and family members guide a student through the process of entering the industry, we have pulled together actionable steps and resources to assist students.


The new and improved is now available to browse. With new resources, pages and features, we invite you to explore the website and experience the renovated Build Your Future.

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