October 11, 2022
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Why Construction is the Backbone of America

You’ve likely seen the large cranes, excavators and other machinery of a construction project. Maybe you’ve seen construction workers like carpenters, ironworkers, masons or electricians building or installing materials and components.

But have you ever thought about how important construction really is?

It is one of the most essential industries in the United States and the world. In fact, you can say that in a lot of ways the construction industry is the backbone of America and everything we do.


Construction is One of the Largest Industries

In terms of both value and employment, the construction sector has a massive footprint in the American economy.

The total value of the construction industry is estimated at around $1.6 trillion. Construction-related spending continues to grow, fueled by massive demands from the single-family housing market, infrastructure redevelopment and other large projects and trends.

The construction industry in the U.S. employs 7,040,788 people across 745,205 companies. The companies range from small local firms and subcontractors to major, multi-billion dollar corporations. Among all major industry sectors, construction employs 4.7% of total workers, making it one of the largest industries by employment.


All Other Industries Depend on Construction

The impact of construction reaches far beyond employment numbers. In truth, most of the other industries cannot function without the work of construction.

Every office, retail store, school, medical facility, entertainment venue, or any other place of business would not exist without the construction team that erected the building. Shipping and travel industries would have a hard time functioning without the roads, airports, and cruise terminals created through construction. Any sector relying on running water, electricity, the internet or communications would be unable to work without the critical infrastructure and utilities that the construction industry installs and maintains.

Construction is an integral part of the greater industrial ecosystem. Without the construction industry or the skilled craft professionals who make up its workforce, our society would look very different.


Let’s Keep America Running

Construction has a significant role to play in the economy, and many other industries rely on construction in some capacity. For these reasons, it’s important construction has the talented and knowledgeable workforce it needs to keep America running.

With a projected shortage of 1.9 million craft professionals through 2025, there is a tremendous demand for skills – and a tremendous opportunity for young people looking to make a difference in the world.

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